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The affordable and easy-to-use Kodak Brownie-series came out in 1900. The models that followed became many people’s first still camera, like star photographer Slim Aarons. This film version, for 8-millimetrefilm, came 1955. The last in the series came 1986.

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All the catalogues

Every year since 1918 Clas Ohlson has published a catalogue. That’s a century of catalogues that show both our gadgets – and our society – has evolved.

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The company

In 1918, 23-year old Clas Ohlson started a mail order company in Insjön. He named the company after himself. After all, it had worked for his cousins who had started nation-wide retailer Åhlens a few years earlier. Much has happened since then.

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Beloved gadgets

The book “Älskade prylar” (Förlaget Närings­livs­historia, 2017), or “Beloved Gadgets,” builds on 100 years of Clas Ohlson’s catalogues.

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Our gadgets during 100 years

Connecting to each other2000

Mobile phones

Mobile phones came into usage in Sweden in the early 1980s but by 1987, only two percent of the population had their own phone because they were expensive. Thirteen years later that number had risen to 71 percent and, by 2004, 100 percent had a mobile phone (and many had one for work and one for private use). (From the catalogue 2008.)

Connecting to each other1990

Fax machine

Before email conquered the world, the fax (which was invented as far back as 1843!) was the technology used for the electronic transfer of images. That’s how we sent signed contracts or interesting articles to each other. From a technical perspective, the fax read the image that was sent and turned into electrical impulses that were sent via the telephone grid. The receiving fax interpreted the signal and printed the message. (From the catalogue 1999.)


Angle grinder

The angle grinder has been an important instrument since 1954, when German company Flexa released the first version, for grinding and cutting jobs. To “flexa” was, for a long time, the verb used for angle grinding. (From the catalogue 1976.)

The Clas Ohlson Story

With continued growth since 1918, Clas Ohlson has always had a dynamic and expanding organization. Read more about company's development, about new offices and distribution centers that were always needed as the organization grew. Read more
Starting with educational textbooks and drawings, the product catagories that Clas Ohlson offered to its customers quickly grew. Soon Clas Ohlson became everyone's go-to-place for finding the latest and most practical ways to solve our everyday dilemmas. Read more
Many profiles have left their mark in the annals of Clas Ohlson. Between founder Clas and today's CEO Lotta have passed almost exactly 100 years. In between are all the people that have made Clas Ohlson what it is today. Meet the customers, the coworkers and the suppliers who have built Clas Ohlson over a century's time. Read more

Paulina Kolm

“Clas Ohlson is known for smart and good products.”

Paulina Kolm supplies the product Apponwall to Clas Ohlson.
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Björn Haid

“I think Clas would have been shocked if he knew that we have more stores than Åhlens.”

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More about our founder Clas Ohlson

Read Johan Pella’s book about the company, Insjön and Clas Ohlson.

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Pod from history buffs Blå Hästen

Listen to the history of gadgets in the podcast Beloved Gadgets.

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Gadget Archive

  • Efter andra världskriget såldes överblivna metalldetektorer ut och många privatpersoner...

    Motive-ID: metalldetektor11

    Image caption: Efter andra världskriget såldes överblivna metalldetektorer ut och många privatpersoner gav sig ut på skattjakt. I dag är metalldetektorer förbjudna i Sverige, människor får inte leta arkeologiska föremål. Men i Danmark är det en laglig och mycket populär hobby. I katalogen 1985

  • Världens första filmvisning med filmprojektet genomförs av bröderna Lumiére 1895...

    Motive-ID: Kinematograf

    Image caption: Världens första filmvisning med filmprojektet genomförs av bröderna Lumiére 1895 i Paris. Från sekelskiftet finns projektorer i svensk handel och kostar då cirka 50 000 kronor i dagens penningvärde. Drygt 30 år senare är priserna mer överkomliga. Från katalog 1928

  • Den tidstypiska och smäckra rundstrålande högtalaren är inte bara en...

    Motive-ID: högtalare

    Image caption: Den tidstypiska och smäckra rundstrålande högtalaren är inte bara en fröjd för ögat – med innovationen nådde nu ljudet ut jämnare i hela rummet.

  • Samlingen med inspelade blandband var både privat och viktig. Att...

    Motive-ID: kasettbandliten

    Image caption: Samlingen med inspelade blandband var både privat och viktig. Att ge någon ett av sina blandband var nästan som att dela med sig av sin allra hemligaste hemlighet. Kassettbanden levde långt efter cd:ns inträde på marknaden kvar i bilarnas kassettbandspelare. Från katalogen 1988.

  • 00.96, 00.94, 01.00 – där satt den. Tidtagaruret funkade inte...

    Motive-ID: Tidtagarur

    Image caption: 00.96, 00.94, 01.00 – där satt den. Tidtagaruret funkade inte bara som äggklocka. Under 1980-talet var det ett stort nöje att få exakta tider vid tävlingslopp, hålla koll på hålla andan-rekordet och stanna klockan på exakta hundradelen. Från katalog 1987.