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The Centre for Business History in Stockholm has produced this historical website for Clas Ohlson AB (PUBL). The Centre for Business History is one of the world’s leading business archives, documenting thousands of Swedish companies’ histories on behalf of their owners and management.

This site was launched in February 2018, as a part of Clas Ohlson’s centennial celebrations. The site draws upon all of the Clas Ohlson-catalogues that have been published over the years, and that you can find digitized on this site. The site also builds on research that the Centre for Business History has done in the Clas Ohlson archives and museum in Insjön, Sweden. All articles have been reviewed for historical accuracy by the Centre for Business History and Clas Ohlson, but if you still find errors, please let us know at 100@clasohlson.com.

Clas Ohlson AB (PUBL) and Centre for Business History in Stockholm .

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Clas Ohlson and each copyright holder. While we have attempted to contact copyright owners for all the photos and other media, if you believe your copyright has been violated please contact Clas Ohlson.

Coworkers at Clas Ohlson may use material from this website, as part of their work. Exceptions to this rule apply to material, such as images, that does not belong to Clas Ohlson or the Centre for Business History. If you have questions, please contact 100@clasohlson.com

If you do not work at Clas Ohlson, but want to use some of this material in a commercial or other public setting, please first contact Clas Ohlson for permission. We are happy to see our material used, so long as it is for a good cause and we can resolve any copyright issues.

Questions and orders
Please contact the Centre for Business History if you have any research questions about Clas Ohlson, or if you wish to order copies of the images, films or sound that are available on this site.


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