Products from our catalogues:

Beloved gadgets

Because I want one1950

Bird feeder

An invention by Clas Ohlson himself. The suction cup allowed the bird feeder, which was made from steel wires, to be stuck to glass windows. Perfect for bird watchers. (From the catalogue 1950.)

Get your house in order1980

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The development of stronger batteries paved the way for the cordless chargeable vacuum cleaner. (From the catalogue 1987.)

Toys and games2000

Uno card game

UNO is said to be the world’s most-sold card game and has kept many families amused since the early 1970s. Despite the Italian-sounding name, it’s an American invention. (From the catalogue 2004.)

Björn Haid

“I think Clas would have been shocked if he had known we have more stores than Åhlens”

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Paulina Kolm

“Clas Ohlson is known for smart and good products.”

Paulina Kolm delivers the product App-on-wall to Clas Ohlson.
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