Ash tray

In ancient times, such as the 1980s and 1990s, many people still smoked indoors, both at home and in restaurants. Ash trays were then a trendy detail for interior decorators. (From the catalogue 1951.)

Life in the outdoors1990

Bike computer

The digital watches of the 1980s took the world by storm. As soon as they became easy to produce, other industries followed with their own versions. The digital bike computer became the status symbol of the day, both in school yards and bike clubs. (From the catalogue 1990.)


Circular saw

When the circular saw came out in the 1700s, it was the first saw with a round blade. In 1924, the first electricity-powered version came to market. (From the catalogue 1964.)


Vernier caliper

The vernier caliper is worth its weight in gold when trying to determine the correct diameter of an object. (From the catalogue 1929.)