Bench sander

Don’t lose the edge in your work. Sharpen your own tools or kitchen knives with this sander that you can attach to any flat surface at home. (From the catalogue 1948.)

Because I want one1930

Motor helmet

A fashionable helmet for motorcyclists and those who like to drive with the top down. This practical version also had protective goggles built into the dashing design. (From the catalogue 1932.)

Connecting to each other1980

Speech amplifier

A two-way speech amplifier lets you keep conversations going even in noisy surroundings. The amplifier and throat mic were used by motorcycle riders and paragliders alike. (From the catalogue 1983.)

Let there be light!2000

Disco ball

A survivor from the dance floors of the 1970s. Disco balls are today available in sizes ranging from big enough for a ballroom to small enough for a keychain. (From the catalogue 2002.)