Cassette carousel

The cassette which – in case you didn’t know – was an analogue sound storage medium, enjoyed its glory days between 1975 and 1995. New albums were released directly on cassette, while many people made their own mixed tapes with songs from the radio. Cassettes could be kept in a carousel for easy access.



How many baseball bats have been created during woodshop lessons over the past 100 years? Nobody knows. But enough for most people to remember the feeling of seeing that piece of wood twirl on the lathe, and how you can move the tool across its surface to create a pattern.(From the catalogue 1942.)


Mitre saw

For cutting and sawing at an angle, the mitre saw is unbeatable. (From the catalogue 1998.)

Let there be light!1930

Bayonet Lamp

The bayonet lamp, with its protective cover and practical hook, has always been a good friend to carpenters and handymen when working in dimly lit surroundings.