Cassette carousel

The cassette which – in case you didn’t know – was an analogue sound storage medium, enjoyed its glory days between 1975 and 1995. New albums were released directly on cassette, while many people made their own mixed tapes with songs from the radio. Cassettes could be kept in a carousel for easy access.

Never forget1960

Camera flash

The mid-1900s saw the detachable flash that you could mount on your camera. A great advantage to this was that the flash didn’t take energy from the camera but had its own battery. (From the catalogue 1966.)

Because I want one1940

Jungle oil

When “jungle oil” first was launched, it was marketed as humanity’s final answer to the mosquito problem. (From catalogue 1946.)

Get your house in order1990

Lint roller

Unlike today’s lint rollers, which often are covered with detachable tape, this one could be rinsed in water and reused. (From the catalogue 1993.)