Cassette carousel

The cassette which – in case you didn’t know – was an analogue sound storage medium, enjoyed its glory days between 1975 and 1995. New albums were released directly on cassette, while many people made their own mixed tapes with songs from the radio. Cassettes could be kept in a carousel for easy access.

Let there be light!2010

Electric decorative fireplace

The electric decorative fireplace is not only decorative. Three heat levels provides actual warmth, without any of the dangers that come with an actual open fire. (From the catalogue 2012.)

Get your house in order1950


The plunger, a plumbing classic. Looks the same today as when it first came, around 70 years ago. Talk about timeless design. (From catalogue 1951.)

Toys and games2000

Car track – with a loop

At the top of the Christmas wish list for many children over the years.  The loop made the car track almost too good to be true. (From catalogue 2004.)