Cross laser pass

A laser pass on a tripod makes aligning things at home a piece of cake. (From catalogue 2011.)

Because I want one1940

Electric fence

Keep cows and horses under control with a solid electric fence. This version from 1941 also came with its own battery. (From catalogue 1941.)

Life in the outdoors1940

Kerosene stove

Trangia’s small, iconic kerosene burner was developed in 1951. But Swedish camping kitchen were already world-class before that. The Primus soot-free spirits burner was used by adventurers Andrée and Amundsen during their Polar explorations around 1900. (From the catalogue 1945.)

Get your house in order1930

Record briefcase

The record briefcase was for the DJs of before what USB-sticks are today. Plus, a designer briefcase increased your cool factor properly. (From catalogue 1931.)