Dish-washing brush

Dish-washing brushes of yore were often made in wood and were a foci for dirt and diseases. The plastic variants made dish-washing more hygienic. (From catalogue 1951.)

Toys and games2000


If the dog is man’s best friend, then the Brio dachshund is many people’s first dog – and first friend. A classic at baby showers. (From the catalogue 2005.)

Because I want one1940

Road guide

It took a lot of confidence to produce your own road signs and put them out on the public road. But if you have that, only imagination sets the boundaries. (From catalogue 1947.)

Connecting to each other1960

Chest microphone

A predecessor to today’s headset was the chest microphone. It was very comfortable for anyone who spent a lot of time on the phone. (From the catalogue 1969.)