Dish-washing brush

Dish-washing brushes of yore were often made in wood and were a foci for dirt and diseases. The plastic variants made dish-washing more hygienic. (From catalogue 1951.)



Magnets have been used since classical antiquity and were often considered magical. So apart from being useful construction tools, magnets have also been used to heal the sick and chase away evil spirits. (From the catalogue 1927.)

Toys and games2000

Uno card game

UNO is said to be the world’s most-sold card game and has kept many families amused since the early 1970s. Despite the Italian-sounding name, it’s an American invention. (From the catalogue 2004.)

Because I want one1950

Face protection

Perfect if you’re riding a motorbike. “Fits snuggly to your face,” according to the description. (From the catalogue 1951.)