Embossing label machine

For a long time the label machine was only used in stores and factories but when it reached consumers it became almost an addiction. Never before had homes been so well organised or neatly labelled as in the heyday of the labeller.

Because I want one1980


An ancient product. Known especially for your grandmothers’ rugs.  (From the catalogue 1985.)



The yardstick has come in handy during construction since the days of the ancient Greeks. Swedish engineer Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén is considered the inventor of the modern version. In 1883 he showed the first jointed-yardstick to the world. His invention was the basis for the Swedish company Hultafors AB. Today’s models are graded in centimetres and made from wood, glass fibre or aluminium. This version measured one meter and was made in yellow polished wood. (From the catalogue 1929.)

Because I want one2000

Mat of nails

It’s supposed to soothe you and in 2010 everyone wanted one. Half a million Swedes bought their own version of the mat of nails. (From the catalogue 2009.)