Embossing label machine

For a long time the label machine was only used in stores and factories but when it reached consumers it became almost an addiction. Never before had homes been so well organised or neatly labelled as in the heyday of the labeller.

Toys and games2010

Kubb (Stickey Sticks)

Kubb – or “Stickey Sticks” as some say in English – is a lawn game that gained popularity in the mid-1990s. The game had its first world championship in 1995, organized in Rone on the Swedish island of Gotland. (From catalogue 2010.)

Life in the outdoors1930

Bike odometer

Long before GPS trackers were introduced the bike odometer let enthusiasts keep track of how far they’ve biked. The bicycle market in Sweden exploded in the early 1900s, and from 1920 to 1950, the number of active cyclists rose sharply. (From the catalogue 1933.)

Connecting to each other1950

Wall phone

In the 1920s, phone networks in Sweden were automated. Callers could now dial a number directly, without needing the help of a switchboard. The early 1960 then saw the first phones with buttons instead of a rotary dial. (From the catalogue 1957.)