Embossing label machine

For a long time the label machine was only used in stores and factories but when it reached consumers it became almost an addiction. Never before had homes been so well organised or neatly labelled as in the heyday of the labeller.


Colour spray

The first colour spray was invented by Joseph Binks in Chicago in 1887. This one is an electric colour spray that was first sold in the mid-1950. (From the catalogue 1973.)

Connecting to each other1960

Chest microphone

A predecessor to today’s headset was the chest microphone. It was very comfortable for anyone who spent a lot of time on the phone. (From the catalogue 1969.)


Spirit level

The spirit level helps you ensure perfectly horizontal and vertical surfaces. Invented in 1661 by Frenchman Melchisédech Thévenot. (From the catalogue 1934.)