Many have wanted to take credit for inventing the saw but the earliest versions were probably created in the Stone Age and made from animal jaws. (From the catalogue 1928.)

Because I want one1930

Hair clipper

Short in the front, long in the back. Or any way you like it. (From the catalogue 1931.)

Let there be light!1930

Bayonet Lamp

The bayonet lamp, with its protective cover and practical hook, has always been a good friend to carpenters and handymen when working in dimly lit surroundings.

Toys and games1970

The slinky

In the early 1940s, engineer Richard James made a toy out of a pre-compressed helical spring: the Slinky. The product was launched to immediate success in 1945 – and in 1952 a slinky dog, using the same principle, appeared. (From the catalogue 1978.)