The press iron was, literally, a lump of iron that was heated directly by a fire. It’s an invention that’s believed to go all the way back to the Middle Ages. The modern, electric iron had its breakthrough about a century ago in the USA.

Connecting to each other1920

Monogram stamp

Your own stamp bearing your own monogram lets you create nice letter-heads, regardless of what paper you use. Talk about giving weight to your messages. (From the catalogue, 1924.)



Sheet metal was, until the early 1800s, an expensive material that only exclusive homes could use. It didn’t become a cost-effective material until 100 years later. But snips, or shears, have been used from the start. (From the catalogue 1932.)

Get your house in order1990

Lint roller

Unlike today’s lint rollers, which often are covered with detachable tape, this one could be rinsed in water and reused. (From the catalogue 1993.)