Pendulum clock

A pendulum controls the clock’s ticking. The principle stems all the way from Galileo Galilei. An ornate pendulum clock was standard in many Swedish living rooms in the 1930s.



Magnets have been used since classical antiquity and were often considered magical. So apart from being useful construction tools, magnets have also been used to heal the sick and chase away evil spirits. (From the catalogue 1927.)


Vernier caliper

The vernier caliper is worth its weight in gold when trying to determine the correct diameter of an object. (From the catalogue 1929.)

Never forget1950

Film camera

The affordable and simple Kodak Brownie camera appeared in 1900. The versions that followed become “my first still camera” for many, including star photographer Slim Aarons. This film version was released in 1955 and used 8-millimetre film. The last in the series (a still photo version) came 1986. (From the catalogue 1955.)