Sink stop

The sink stop is a kitchen saviour that makes it easy to plug the sink in order to wash dishes without needlessly wasting water. (From the catalogue 2011.)

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Plastic pockets

Plastic pockets in A4 or letter size are today commonplace in both schools and offices, but they have only been around since 1986. (From the catalogue 2010.)


Angle grinder

The angle grinder has been an important instrument since 1954, when German company Flexa released the first version, for grinding and cutting jobs. To “flexa” was, for a long time, the verb used for angle grinding. (From the catalogue 1976.)

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Leather wallet

The word “wallet” was, once upon a time, a general word for carrying articles. Today’s notion of it as a “flat, foldable case for carrying currency and too many receipts” didn’t start until the mid-1800s.(From the catalogue 2009.)