Sink stop

The sink stop is a kitchen saviour that makes it easy to plug the sink in order to wash dishes without needlessly wasting water. (From the catalogue 2011.)

Life in the outdoors1940

Military backpack

The practical backpack in durable cloth and with plenty of pockets gained popularity after the Second World War. (From catalogue 1945.)

Never forget1960


This projector for 8-millimetre film came in a fancy box. The projector itself was invented 1932 by Kodak. The projector is also a reminder for many of school classes with fluttering movie reels, often played a bit too fast. And that sound that the reel made when it had been rewind and started whipping itself.

Because I want one1990


Keeping control of your weight is good for many reasons. This particular bathroom scale was equipped with hydraulic mechanics and gave a “tremble-free,” almost clinical, exactness to its result. (From the catalogue 1992.)