Sink stop

The sink stop is a kitchen saviour that makes it easy to plug the sink in order to wash dishes without needlessly wasting water. (From the catalogue 2011.)

Connecting to each other2000

Banana phone

A dream for kids who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s was to have a personal phone in your own room. This created a market for slightly more “flipped out” models like the Banana Phone. (From the catalogue 2008.)

Life in the outdoors1990

Chair backpack

With a chair built into the backpack you can save space and make your hiking breaks more comfortable. The classic version only has a simple stool but this one came with a luxurious back support. (From the catalogue 1994.)

Let there be light!2000

Disco ball

A survivor from the dance floors of the 1970s. Disco balls are today available in sizes ranging from big enough for a ballroom to small enough for a keychain. (From the catalogue 2002.)