This electronic siren was sold as coming with “a pulsating, intense woo-woo-woo-sound”.

Life in the outdoors2000

Tick remover

Buttergreasing and other old-skool tricks had to step back when the simple and smart tick remover came onto the market. Today there are as many versions as there are colors. (From catalogue 2006.)

Food and kitchen1990

Sandwich grill

The modern sandwich grill was marketed to stressed families in the 1970s by a British man named John O’Brien. It works just as well for ham-and-cheese sandwiches as it does for sandwiches with mozzarella, olives and salsiccia

Toys and games1970

The slinky

In the early 1940s, engineer Richard James made a toy out of a pre-compressed helical spring: the Slinky. The product was launched to immediate success in 1945 – and in 1952 a slinky dog, using the same principle, appeared. (From the catalogue 1978.)