This electronic siren was sold as coming with “a pulsating, intense woo-woo-woo-sound”.

Life in the outdoors2000

Nordic walking sticks

The trend allegedly started in Finland in the 1990s and was inspired by how Finnish cross-country skiers practiced in the summer. Today Nordic walking is a world-wide enthusiasm. (From the catalogue 2005.)

Life in the outdoors1940

Kerosene stove

Trangia’s small, iconic kerosene burner was developed in 1951. But Swedish camping kitchen were already world-class before that. The Primus soot-free spirits burner was used by adventurers Andrée and Amundsen during their Polar explorations around 1900. (From the catalogue 1945.)


Blow torch

This blow torch which uses methylated spirits is good for simple soldering. The canister can hold half a litre. (From the catalogue 1945.)