It all started with surgical tape in the 1800s and then spread to many other areas of use. Silver tape, duct tape, double-adhesive tape…. Today it’s hard to picture a world without tape.

Because I want one1930

Detachable collar

A detachable collar helps sweatshirt people go from casual to formal in an instant. Besides, there’s less to iron. (From the catalogue 1931)

Tech and entertainment1910

“The young experimenter”

“The young experimenter” was a manual to help you build machines at minimal cost in order to understand mechanical movements and learn about heat, magnetism, electricity, sound, light, etc. All together it had blueprints for 125 machines and also included 40 colorful posters. Price 3.75 kronor.

Life in the outdoors1930

Fire-breathing old woman

“A push of the thumb will open her mouth so she can spew out fire.” This toy, in the shape of a fire-breathing old woman, knew how to make life fun for rascals in the 1930s. (From the catalogue 1930.)