Wire cutters

There are many types of wire cutters, or diagonal pliers as some call them. Regardless, they all cut by putting an indent in the wire and then forcing it apart. (From catalogue 1939.)

Life in the outdoors1930

Inflatable pillow

With a canvas outside and a rubber inside, the first inflatable products were both air tight and easy to fix. To this day, there are probably many fully functional air mattresses and air pillows from the 1930s and forward that are hiding in summer houses and log cabins. (From catalogue 1939.)

Never forget2010

Digital video camera

Digital Video was launched in 1994 and the cassette type MiniDV made it easy to record high-quality film at low cost. The tape was later replaced by memory cards. This version recorded onto SD/SDHC. (From the catalogue 2010.)

Life in the outdoors1990

Chair backpack

With a chair built into the backpack you can save space and make your hiking breaks more comfortable. The classic version only has a simple stool but this one came with a luxurious back support. (From the catalogue 1994.)