Because I want one

Because I want one1960

Wheel glove

If your car is cold, a wheel glove helps keep your hands from freezing as you steer. (From the catalogue 1964.)

Because I want one1950


Clothing in khaki-gabardine for the active gentleman in the mid 1950s. The hardwearing clothing could endure both an active leisure time and long car rides without wrinkling. (From the catalogue 1956.)

Because I want one1990

Hip flask

The hip flask found its current shape in the mid-1800s. The flask is such a strong symbol for alcohol that it’s forbidden to carry one openly in public places in the USA. (From the catalogue 1990.)

Because I want one1940


An instructive drawing helped Swedes in the 1940s make their own telescope from household items – so they could start exploring the starry skies at night. (From the catalogue 1944.)

Because I want one1940

Electric fence

Keep cows and horses under control with a solid electric fence. This version from 1941 also came with its own battery. (From catalogue 1941.)

Because I want one1940

Road guide

It took a lot of confidence to produce your own road signs and put them out on the public road. But if you have that, only imagination sets the boundaries. (From catalogue 1947.)

Because I want one1940

Pin shield

For all your trophy pins. (From catalogue 1948.)

Because I want one2000

Mat of nails

It’s supposed to soothe you and in 2010 everyone wanted one. Half a million Swedes bought their own version of the mat of nails. (From the catalogue 2009.)

Because I want one1980

Hydraulic ram

The hydraulic ram draws energy from water and lets you pump water to a level that’s above the pump itself. It was invented in the 1700s by Frenchman Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, who is mostly known for creating the world’s first hot-air balloons together with his brother Jacques-Étienne. (From the catalogue 1989.)

Björn Haid

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Paulina Kolm

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