Because I want one

Because I want one1950


The globe. Informative and entertaining at the same time. Spin it real fast, then stop it with just one finger to find out where you’ll live when you grow up. (From catalogue 1958.)

Because I want one1940

Electric fence

Keep cows and horses under control with a solid electric fence. This version from 1941 also came with its own battery. (From catalogue 1941.)

Because I want one1930

Motor helmet

A fashionable helmet for motorcyclists and those who like to drive with the top down. This practical version also had protective goggles built into the dashing design. (From the catalogue 1932.)

Because I want one1950

Face protection

Perfect if you’re riding a motorbike. “Fits snuggly to your face,” according to the description. (From the catalogue 1951.)

Because I want one2010


There are few more iconic symbols for vacation and summer than the hammock. This cozy bed version was invented in South America and was adopted by visiting sailors. (From the catalogue 2014.)

Because I want one1930

Hair clipper

Short in the front, long in the back. Or any way you like it. (From the catalogue 1931.)

Because I want one1960

Wheel glove

If your car is cold, a wheel glove helps keep your hands from freezing as you steer. (From the catalogue 1964.)

Because I want one1940

Road guide

It took a lot of confidence to produce your own road signs and put them out on the public road. But if you have that, only imagination sets the boundaries. (From catalogue 1947.)

Because I want one1940

Pin shield

For all your trophy pins. (From catalogue 1948.)

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