Because I want one

Because I want one1990

Protective coverall

Function before fashion. Protective coveralls keeps you safe, as long as you don’t care what you look like. (From the catalogue 1992.)

Because I want one1940

Pin shield

For all your trophy pins. (From catalogue 1948.)

Because I want one1980

Hydraulic ram

The hydraulic ram draws energy from water and lets you pump water to a level that’s above the pump itself. It was invented in the 1700s by Frenchman Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, who is mostly known for creating the world’s first hot-air balloons together with his brother Jacques-Étienne. (From the catalogue 1989.)

Because I want one1940

Jungle oil

When “jungle oil” first was launched, it was marketed as humanity’s final answer to the mosquito problem. (From catalogue 1946.)

Because I want one1930

Motor helmet

A fashionable helmet for motorcyclists and those who like to drive with the top down. This practical version also had protective goggles built into the dashing design. (From the catalogue 1932.)

Because I want one1980

Metal detector

After World War II, many surplus metal detectors were sold to anyone who wanted one – and many private individuals started treasure hunting. (From catalogue 1985.)

Because I want one1930

Detachable collar

A detachable collar helps sweatshirt people go from casual to formal in an instant. Besides, there’s less to iron. (From the catalogue 1931)

Because I want one1950


Shatterproof glass made these sunglasses a bestseller in the early 1950s. (From the catalogue 1951.)

Because I want one1960

Wheel glove

If your car is cold, a wheel glove helps keep your hands from freezing as you steer. (From the catalogue 1964.)

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