Because I want one

Because I want one1920


This practical little magnification device could be folded, making it even smaller, so you could put it in your pocket. (From the catalogue 1924.)

Because I want one2000

Duct tape

Duct tape, fabric tape or electric tape. This beloved solution to so many problems, with its elastic and adhesive qualities, has many names. It was the brainchild of inventors Snell, Oace and Eastwood at the American company 3M in 1946. (From the catalogue 2009.)

Because I want one2010


There are few more iconic symbols for vacation and summer than the hammock. This cozy bed version was invented in South America and was adopted by visiting sailors. (From the catalogue 2014.)

Because I want one1950


The globe. Informative and entertaining at the same time. Spin it real fast, then stop it with just one finger to find out where you’ll live when you grow up. (From catalogue 1958.)

Because I want one1980

Hydraulic ram

The hydraulic ram draws energy from water and lets you pump water to a level that’s above the pump itself. It was invented in the 1700s by Frenchman Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, who is mostly known for creating the world’s first hot-air balloons together with his brother Jacques-Étienne. (From the catalogue 1989.)

Because I want one1980


An ancient product. Known especially for your grandmothers’ rugs.  (From the catalogue 1985.)

Because I want one1940

Electric fence

Keep cows and horses under control with a solid electric fence. This version from 1941 also came with its own battery. (From catalogue 1941.)

Because I want one1950

Bird feeder

An invention by Clas Ohlson himself. The suction cup allowed the bird feeder, which was made from steel wires, to be stuck to glass windows. Perfect for bird watchers. (From the catalogue 1950.)

Because I want one1990

Hip flask

The hip flask found its current shape in the mid-1800s. The flask is such a strong symbol for alcohol that it’s forbidden to carry one openly in public places in the USA. (From the catalogue 1990.)

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