Connecting to each other

Connecting to each other1990

Speed-dial phone

This classic model could store 10 numbers for speed-dialing. Plus, you could dial the last number called with one simple button push. (From the catalogue 1993.)

Connecting to each other1980

Phone plug and phone jack

The phone jacks are disappearing from more and more homes. By 31 December 2015, the number had shrunken by half in Sweden, which by then had 3,5 fixed line subscribers. (From catalogue 1987.)

Connecting to each other1940

Telegraphy key

The manual key allowed the user to send dot-and-dash telegraphic signals in Morse code. (From the catalogue 1948.)

Connecting to each other1990

Fax machine

Before email conquered the world, the fax (which was invented as far back as 1843!) was the technology used for the electronic transfer of images. That’s how we sent signed contracts or interesting articles to each other. From a technical perspective, the fax read the image that was sent and turned into electrical impulses that were sent via the telephone grid. The receiving fax interpreted the signal and printed the message. (From the catalogue 1999.)

Connecting to each other1940


The telephone timer helped you keep track of how long you had talked – and how much it would cost. (From catalogue 1944.)

Connecting to each other1980

Speech amplifier

A two-way speech amplifier lets you keep conversations going even in noisy surroundings. The amplifier and throat mic were used by motorcycle riders and paragliders alike. (From the catalogue 1983.)

Connecting to each other1940

Inter-office phone

This beautiful inter-office phone from the 1950s could of course be used in a large home as well. (From catalogue 1949.)

Connecting to each other1930

String phone (toy version)

Two tin cups and some string was all that was needed if you wanted to talk to someone far away – so long as “far away” was no more than 300-400 metres, of course. (From the catalogue 1931.)

Connecting to each other1980

Pager set

The pager allowed middle management across the country to call up to six people at the office with just one push of a button. (From catalogue 1984.)

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