Connecting to each other

Connecting to each other1940


The telephone timer helped you keep track of how long you had talked – and how much it would cost. (From catalogue 1944.)

Connecting to each other1990

Speed-dial phone

This classic model could store 10 numbers for speed-dialing. Plus, you could dial the last number called with one simple button push. (From the catalogue 1993.)

Connecting to each other1960


Open and shared office spaces are a relatively new solution. In Sweden in the 1960s, most executives had their own office. The intercom made sure that your office neighbours were never further away than the push of a button. (From the catalogue 1965.)

Connecting to each other1950

Wall phone

In the 1920s, phone networks in Sweden were automated. Callers could now dial a number directly, without needing the help of a switchboard. The early 1960 then saw the first phones with buttons instead of a rotary dial. (From the catalogue 1957.)

Connecting to each other1990

Pager Minicall Doro

The pagers that came in the 1990s were effective tools for parents looking for their children or business people stuck in meetings. (From the catalogue 1995.)

Connecting to each other2000

Phone holder with belt clips

The mobile phone holder that clips onto a belt was once a hugely popular accessory soon after the dawn of the mobile phone era. (From the catalogue 2001.)

Connecting to each other1920

Monogram stamp

Your own stamp bearing your own monogram lets you create nice letter-heads, regardless of what paper you use. Talk about giving weight to your messages. (From the catalogue, 1924.)

Connecting to each other1930

House phone

For short-range calls, local phones were often installed. They worked within a building and sometimes between nearby houses. The microphone was made from Bakelite. (From the catalogue 1933.)

Connecting to each other1940

Telegraphy key

The manual key allowed the user to send dot-and-dash telegraphic signals in Morse code. (From the catalogue 1948.)

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