Glue gun

The glue gun works by heating a stick of glue until it melts and can then be applied onto whatever needs sticking together. (From the catalogue 2013.)


Tool box

Tool box. The name says it all. Also works for Lego. (From catalogue 1990.)



The hedgecutter exists in manual versions and also with engines powered by battery or petrol. This version can be connected to a drilling machine. (From the catalogue 1973.)



Albert Kaufman presented the jigsaw in 1946 to his employer Scintilla. The Swiss inventor had been inspired by his wife’s sowing machine and constructed a saw that was perfect for creating rounded patterns. Similar gadgets had been sold before, but this was the version that caught the world’s attention. Today, the jigsaw makes many lives easier each day. (From the catalogue 1995.)


Circular saw

When the circular saw came out in the 1700s, it was the first saw with a round blade. In 1924, the first electricity-powered version came to market. (From the catalogue 1964.)


Adjustable wrench

During a prison stint in 1922, the first black heavy-weight boxing champion, Jack Johnson, invented a version of the wrench. He was in prison for marrying a white woman. Together with the Swede Johan Petter Johansson, Jack Johnson was one of three people to patent similar products. The earliest drawings of a wrench are from the 1400s and were found in Germany. (From catalogue 1930.)


Colour spray

The first colour spray was invented by Joseph Binks in Chicago in 1887. This one is an electric colour spray that was first sold in the mid-1950. (From the catalogue 1973.)


Electrical sander

Securing the sander to a table meant that you had to turn what needed sanding instead of the tool itself. (From catalogue 1945.)


Measuring tape

Graded in both inches and centimetres, the two-metre measuring tape is one of the home carpenter’s best friends. Today they are mostly in plastic. Here, though, note the ingenious locking mechanism. (From the catalogue 1933.)

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