Work pants

In a solid pair of work pants, with a sufficient (that is, countless) number of pockets, you’ll always have a place to carry both screws and folding rules. (From the catalogue 1995.)



0.2 litres of oil fit into this 28 centimetre-long oil can in tinted metal sheet. (From the catalogue 1943.)


Glue gun

The glue gun works by heating a stick of glue until it melts and can then be applied onto whatever needs sticking together. (From the catalogue 2013.)



Magnets have been used since classical antiquity and were often considered magical. So apart from being useful construction tools, magnets have also been used to heal the sick and chase away evil spirits. (From the catalogue 1927.)


Adjustable wrench

During a prison stint in 1922, the first black heavy-weight boxing champion, Jack Johnson, invented a version of the wrench. He was in prison for marrying a white woman. Together with the Swede Johan Petter Johansson, Jack Johnson was one of three people to patent similar products. The earliest drawings of a wrench are from the 1400s and were found in Germany. (From catalogue 1930.)


Combo tool

A crowbar, axe and hammer all in one. (From catalogue 1932.)


Work bench

A decent work bench is a must for anyone with practical or creative ability. The flat surface and clamps that grip the object make everything so much easier. (From the catalogue 1981.)



Sheet metal was, until the early 1800s, an expensive material that only exclusive homes could use. It didn’t become a cost-effective material until 100 years later. But snips, or shears, have been used from the start. (From the catalogue 1932.)



A hand-driven sander with cog wheels that had to be secured to a flat surface before use. (From the catalogue 1926.)

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