Work bench

A decent work bench is a must for anyone with practical or creative ability. The flat surface and clamps that grip the object make everything so much easier. (From the catalogue 1981.)



The hedgecutter exists in manual versions and also with engines powered by battery or petrol. This version can be connected to a drilling machine. (From the catalogue 1973.)



Many have wanted to take credit for inventing the saw but the earliest versions were probably created in the Stone Age and made from animal jaws. (From the catalogue 1928.)


Welding helmet

A welding helmet is as scary as it is safe to the wearer. It might look heavy, but this version only weighs 450 gram. (From catalogue 2000.)



How many baseball bats have been created during woodshop lessons over the past 100 years? Nobody knows. But enough for most people to remember the feeling of seeing that piece of wood twirl on the lathe, and how you can move the tool across its surface to create a pattern.(From the catalogue 1942.)


Tool box

Tool box. The name says it all. Also works for Lego. (From catalogue 1990.)


Spirit level

The spirit level helps you ensure perfectly horizontal and vertical surfaces. Invented in 1661 by Frenchman Melchisédech Thévenot. (From the catalogue 1934.)


Electrical sander

Securing the sander to a table meant that you had to turn what needed sanding instead of the tool itself. (From catalogue 1945.)



The first recorded use of a screwdriver dates back to the 1400s. Today, flat blade (or spotted) screwdrivers have been almost completely replaced by, among other types, keystone tip or Philips screwdrivers. (From the catalogue 1927.)

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