Silicone-kit for windows

Nothing covers cracks like silicone. And it doesn’t just keep things tight, it nicely follows other materials. (From catalogue 1989.)


Mitre saw

For cutting and sawing at an angle, the mitre saw is unbeatable. (From the catalogue 1998.)



Sheet metal was, until the early 1800s, an expensive material that only exclusive homes could use. It didn’t become a cost-effective material until 100 years later. But snips, or shears, have been used from the start. (From the catalogue 1932.)


Electrical sander

Securing the sander to a table meant that you had to turn what needed sanding instead of the tool itself. (From catalogue 1945.)



Magnets have been used since classical antiquity and were often considered magical. So apart from being useful construction tools, magnets have also been used to heal the sick and chase away evil spirits. (From the catalogue 1927.)


Bench sander

Don’t lose the edge in your work. Sharpen your own tools or kitchen knives with this sander that you can attach to any flat surface at home. (From the catalogue 1948.)


Spray colour

Acrylic paint (or “plastic paint” or “latex paint”) came to Sweden in the mid-1900s, and enabled painters to spray-paint almost any material. (From the catalogue 1957.)


Glue gun

The glue gun works by heating a stick of glue until it melts and can then be applied onto whatever needs sticking together. (From the catalogue 2013.)


Multipurpose tool Dremel

Speed is its greatest asset. The multi-purpose tool Dremel, from the inventor with the same name, makes cutting and grinding easier. (From catalogue 1997.)

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