Combo tool

A crowbar, axe and hammer all in one. (From catalogue 1932.)


Circular saw

When the circular saw came out in the 1700s, it was the first saw with a round blade. In 1924, the first electricity-powered version came to market. (From the catalogue 1964.)


Tool box

Tool box. The name says it all. Also works for Lego. (From catalogue 1990.)


Reciprocating saw

The reciprocating saw is powerful and can be used for sawing most materials. The first portable version appeared in Milwaukee in 1951. (From the catalogue 2004.)


Vernier caliper

The vernier caliper is worth its weight in gold when trying to determine the correct diameter of an object. (From the catalogue 1929.)


Measuring tape

Graded in both inches and centimetres, the two-metre measuring tape is one of the home carpenter’s best friends. Today they are mostly in plastic. Here, though, note the ingenious locking mechanism. (From the catalogue 1933.)



Albert Kaufman presented the jigsaw in 1946 to his employer Scintilla. The Swiss inventor had been inspired by his wife’s sowing machine and constructed a saw that was perfect for creating rounded patterns. Similar gadgets had been sold before, but this was the version that caught the world’s attention. Today, the jigsaw makes many lives easier each day. (From the catalogue 1995.)



The first recorded use of a screwdriver dates back to the 1400s. Today, flat blade (or spotted) screwdrivers have been almost completely replaced by, among other types, keystone tip or Philips screwdrivers. (From the catalogue 1927.)



Sheet metal was, until the early 1800s, an expensive material that only exclusive homes could use. It didn’t become a cost-effective material until 100 years later. But snips, or shears, have been used from the start. (From the catalogue 1932.)

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