Cross laser pass

A laser pass on a tripod makes aligning things at home a piece of cake. (From catalogue 2011.)


Multipurpose tool Dremel

Speed is its greatest asset. The multi-purpose tool Dremel, from the inventor with the same name, makes cutting and grinding easier. (From catalogue 1997.)


Work bench

A decent work bench is a must for anyone with practical or creative ability. The flat surface and clamps that grip the object make everything so much easier. (From the catalogue 1981.)


Adjustable wrench

During a prison stint in 1922, the first black heavy-weight boxing champion, Jack Johnson, invented a version of the wrench. He was in prison for marrying a white woman. Together with the Swede Johan Petter Johansson, Jack Johnson was one of three people to patent similar products. The earliest drawings of a wrench are from the 1400s and were found in Germany. (From catalogue 1930.)


Blow torch

This blow torch which uses methylated spirits is good for simple soldering. The canister can hold half a litre. (From the catalogue 1945.)


Silicone-kit for windows

Nothing covers cracks like silicone. And it doesn’t just keep things tight, it nicely follows other materials. (From catalogue 1989.)


Tool box

Tool box. The name says it all. Also works for Lego. (From catalogue 1990.)


Work helmet

Protective gear, such as helmets and goggles, are mandatory on all construction sites. Something the do-it-yourself enthusiast should consider when working at home. (From the catalogue 1986.)



The hedgecutter exists in manual versions and also with engines powered by battery or petrol. This version can be connected to a drilling machine. (From the catalogue 1973.)

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