Electrical sander

Securing the sander to a table meant that you had to turn what needed sanding instead of the tool itself. (From catalogue 1945.)


Angle grinder

The angle grinder has been an important instrument since 1954, when German company Flexa released the first version, for grinding and cutting jobs. To “flexa” was, for a long time, the verb used for angle grinding. (From the catalogue 1976.)


Hammer drill

The powerful hammer drill makes light work of putting screws into hard materials, such as stone, masonry, wood and metal (From the catalogue 1990.)


Blow torch

This blow torch which uses methylated spirits is good for simple soldering. The canister can hold half a litre. (From the catalogue 1945.)


Wire cutters

There are many types of wire cutters, or diagonal pliers as some call them. Regardless, they all cut by putting an indent in the wire and then forcing it apart. (From catalogue 1939.)



In the 1700s a French king created the world’s first stapler. About 150 years later, George McGill patented an updated version. The version dates from 1941. (From the catalogue 1982.)


Belt sander

Made in cast iron and steel, this adjustable sander table, at a length of 34 centimeters, needed solid surfaces to stand on. (From catalogue 1958.)


Reciprocating saw

The reciprocating saw is powerful and can be used for sawing most materials. The first portable version appeared in Milwaukee in 1951. (From the catalogue 2004.)


Welding helmet

A welding helmet is as scary as it is safe to the wearer. It might look heavy, but this version only weighs 450 gram. (From catalogue 2000.)

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