Get your house in order

Get your house in order2010

Plastic pockets

Plastic pockets in A4 or letter size are today commonplace in both schools and offices, but they have only been around since 1986. (From the catalogue 2010.)

Get your house in order1960

Pen holder

This type of pen holder, which still exists in many public spaces, was also a common feature of home offices in the 1960s. (From the catalogue 1964.)

Get your house in order1980

Embossing label machine

For a long time the label machine was only used in stores and factories but when it reached consumers it became almost an addiction. Never before had homes been so well organised or neatly labelled as in the heyday of the labeller.

Get your house in order1930


The press iron was, literally, a lump of iron that was heated directly by a fire. It’s an invention that’s believed to go all the way back to the Middle Ages. The modern, electric iron had its breakthrough about a century ago in the USA.

Get your house in order1950

Tie carousel

A properly attached tie carousel was a must for any 1950s-gentleman. (From catalogue 1958.)

Get your house in order2010


The paper shredder ensures that important information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. There are six different security classes to shredding, depending on the width and length of the shreds. (From catalogue 2013.)

Get your house in order1920

Alarm clock

The ancient Greeks used alarm clocks but they were in the form of water-powered clocks, where the water put cogs into motion to have a hammer hit the clock’s bell. Mechanical alarm clocks, like this one, grew in popularity in the late 1800s and then went into mass-production. (From the catalogue 1926.)

Get your house in order2000


When the laminating machine hit the market people could now make their own professional diplomas, membership cards and name badges. (From the catalogue 2004.)

Get your house in order1910

5000 kronor a year!

A book with practical investing advice and recommendations about how to make 5000 kronor. (From the catalogue 1918-1919.)

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