Get your house in order

Get your house in order1950

Ash tray

In ancient times, such as the 1980s and 1990s, many people still smoked indoors, both at home and in restaurants. Ash trays were then a trendy detail for interior decorators. (From the catalogue 1951.)

Get your house in order1990

Lint remover

Keep your clothes looking smart and increase their lifespan with a battery-powered lint remover. (From the catalogue 1990.)

Get your house in order1950

Dish-washing brush

Dish-washing brushes of yore were often made in wood and were a foci for dirt and diseases. The plastic variants made dish-washing more hygienic. (From catalogue 1951.)

Get your house in order2010

Robot vacuum cleaner

Until recently, this was considered pure science fiction. But today the robot vacuum cleaner is an increasingly common sight in modern homes. It knows where to vacuum and also when to return to its charging station. In Sweden it was named “Christmas Gift of the Year 2015”. (From the catalogue 2013.)

Get your house in order2010

Sink stop

The sink stop is a kitchen saviour that makes it easy to plug the sink in order to wash dishes without needlessly wasting water. (From the catalogue 2011.)

Get your house in order1920

Alarm clock

The ancient Greeks used alarm clocks but they were in the form of water-powered clocks, where the water put cogs into motion to have a hammer hit the clock’s bell. Mechanical alarm clocks, like this one, grew in popularity in the late 1800s and then went into mass-production. (From the catalogue 1926.)

Get your house in order1960

Vacuum cleaner

The electric vacuum cleaner revolutionized home cleaning. Earlier attempts using suction bellows powered by hand had not been as successful.

Get your house in order1950

Tie carousel

A properly attached tie carousel was a must for any 1950s-gentleman. (From catalogue 1958.)

Get your house in order1960

Paper clip

The paper clip got its current design more than a hundred years ago. (From the catalogue 1967.)

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