Get your house in order

Get your house in order1970


This electronic siren was sold as coming with “a pulsating, intense woo-woo-woo-sound”.

Get your house in order1990

Lint roller

Unlike today’s lint rollers, which often are covered with detachable tape, this one could be rinsed in water and reused. (From the catalogue 1993.)

Get your house in order1950

Ash tray

In ancient times, such as the 1980s and 1990s, many people still smoked indoors, both at home and in restaurants. Ash trays were then a trendy detail for interior decorators. (From the catalogue 1951.)

Get your house in order1990

Lint remover

Keep your clothes looking smart and increase their lifespan with a battery-powered lint remover. (From the catalogue 1990.)

Get your house in order1990

High-pressure cleaner

The high-pressure cleaner came to Europe with American troops that were stationed in West Germany after the Second World War. The principle builds on hydro-mechanical processing, while water and detergent dissolve dirt and grease. (From the catalogue 1992.)

Get your house in order2010

Plastic pockets

Plastic pockets in A4 or letter size are today commonplace in both schools and offices, but they have only been around since 1986. (From the catalogue 2010.)

Get your house in order1980

Cassette carousel

The cassette which – in case you didn’t know – was an analogue sound storage medium, enjoyed its glory days between 1975 and 1995. New albums were released directly on cassette, while many people made their own mixed tapes with songs from the radio. Cassettes could be kept in a carousel for easy access.

Get your house in order1930

Pendulum clock

A pendulum controls the clock’s ticking. The principle stems all the way from Galileo Galilei. An ornate pendulum clock was standard in many Swedish living rooms in the 1930s.

Get your house in order1930

Shoe polish

Shoe polish keeps your shoes spick and span. But make sure to create some friction if you want a real shiny result. (From the catalogue 1934.)

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