Let there be light!

Let there be light!1930

Bayonet Lamp

The bayonet lamp, with its protective cover and practical hook, has always been a good friend to carpenters and handymen when working in dimly lit surroundings.

Let there be light!1990

Adjustable flashlight

The adjustable swan-neck of this flashlight made it a hit in the 1990s.

Let there be light!1990

Ceiling fan lamp

Dear 1990s, why did Swedes need a ceiling fan with a lamp built into it? Maybe its popularity came from the exotic tv-shows of the 1980s, such as Dynasty and Dallas. Because the weather sure doesn’t require it.

Let there be light!2000

Disco ball

A survivor from the dance floors of the 1970s. Disco balls are today available in sizes ranging from big enough for a ballroom to small enough for a keychain. (From the catalogue 2002.)

Let there be light!2010

Electric decorative fireplace

The electric decorative fireplace is not only decorative. Three heat levels provides actual warmth, without any of the dangers that come with an actual open fire. (From the catalogue 2012.)

Let there be light!2000

Garden lights

This garden light was many people’s first encounter with solar-powered gadgets.

Let there be light!1980

Handheld torch

Nickel-cadmium batteries were the first rechargeable batteries for consumers . Sony was the first, in 1991, to use the lithium-based batteries we still use today.

Let there be light!1930


From when bicycles first were equipped with oil lamps in 1876, until the arrival of the dynamo-driven bike light, only twelve years passed. Thanks to the magic of magnetism, evening bicycling got a lot safer.

Let there be light!2010

Cap with led-lights

With today’s small LED lights almost anything can be turned into a lamp – including a baseball cap. (From the catalogue 2014.)

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