Life in the outdoors

Life in the outdoors1990


Counting steps didn’t start with your mobile phone app. Much earlier, Swedish Silva used technology to the benefit of your health. (From the catalogue 1999.)

Life in the outdoors1940

Kerosene stove

Trangia’s small, iconic kerosene burner was developed in 1951. But Swedish camping kitchen were already world-class before that. The Primus soot-free spirits burner was used by adventurers Andrée and Amundsen during their Polar explorations around 1900. (From the catalogue 1945.)

Life in the outdoors2000

Nordic walking sticks

The trend allegedly started in Finland in the 1990s and was inspired by how Finnish cross-country skiers practiced in the summer. Today Nordic walking is a world-wide enthusiasm. (From the catalogue 2005.)

Life in the outdoors1950

Air mattress

Got time so lay around?  Do it on your air mattress. (From catalogue 1951.)

Life in the outdoors1950

Primus sportkitchen

F. W. Lindqvist’s idea to preheat kerosene and then to use an air pump to push the gas that appears to the burner is over 100 years old – and still effective. His Primus kitchen has had countless followers. This one is a propane version. (From the catalogue 1955.)

Life in the outdoors1930

Fire-breathing old woman

“A push of the thumb will open her mouth so she can spew out fire.” This toy, in the shape of a fire-breathing old woman, knew how to make life fun for rascals in the 1930s. (From the catalogue 1930.)

Life in the outdoors1950

Hunter’s horn

Before walkie-talkies and wireless communication, the hunter’s horn was the only way to coordinate the hunting team. (From catalogue 1952.)

Life in the outdoors1930

Bike odometer

Long before GPS trackers were introduced the bike odometer let enthusiasts keep track of how far they’ve biked. The bicycle market in Sweden exploded in the early 1900s, and from 1920 to 1950, the number of active cyclists rose sharply. (From the catalogue 1933.)

Life in the outdoors1930


Rudders have been used by sailors since at least the 1200s, though this model was for more modern amateur boat builders. (From the catalogue 1939.)

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