Life in the outdoors

Life in the outdoors1960

Camping kitchen kit

In 1960, Sweden legislated a 45-hour working week. A lot of new spare time appeared in people’s lives. As a result, the camping business grew further still. With this kitchen kit, cooking on the ground was easier than ever before. (From the catalogue 1964.)

Life in the outdoors1920

Pocket knife

The arrival of the spring-loaded pocket knife made handling it much safer than before. (From catalogue 1928.)

Life in the outdoors1990

Hand warmer

Shake Mr. Hot and the bag gets warm. Put it in your glove and forget all about the cold. (From catalogue the 1994.)

Life in the outdoors2010

Folding bike

The minibike of the 1960s swept Sweden of its feet. When the big cities started getting crowded around the 2000s, the need for a folding bike came back. (From catalogue 2013.)

Life in the outdoors1990

Bike computer

The digital watches of the 1980s took the world by storm. As soon as they became easy to produce, other industries followed with their own versions. The digital bike computer became the status symbol of the day, both in school yards and bike clubs. (From the catalogue 1990.)

Life in the outdoors2000

Heating foil

Wrapping yourself in a heating foil makes sleeping outdoors far more comfortable, regardless of the season. The foil reflects the body’s own heat back to the sleeper. (From the catalogue 2007.)

Life in the outdoors1950

Primus sportkitchen

F. W. Lindqvist’s idea to preheat kerosene and then to use an air pump to push the gas that appears to the burner is over 100 years old – and still effective. His Primus kitchen has had countless followers. This one is a propane version. (From the catalogue 1955.)

Life in the outdoors2010


“Sit-and-die” was a scary concept in the 2010s, when we started to realize the downside to office life. The health business quickly convinced us that half an hour of walking was the cure – at home. (From catalogue 2011.)

Life in the outdoors1940

Kerosene stove

Trangia’s small, iconic kerosene burner was developed in 1951. But Swedish camping kitchen were already world-class before that. The Primus soot-free spirits burner was used by adventurers Andrée and Amundsen during their Polar explorations around 1900. (From the catalogue 1945.)

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