Life in the outdoors

Life in the outdoors1930

Inflatable pillow

With a canvas outside and a rubber inside, the first inflatable products were both air tight and easy to fix. To this day, there are probably many fully functional air mattresses and air pillows from the 1930s and forward that are hiding in summer houses and log cabins. (From catalogue 1939.)

Life in the outdoors1930

Bike odometer

Long before GPS trackers were introduced the bike odometer let enthusiasts keep track of how far they’ve biked. The bicycle market in Sweden exploded in the early 1900s, and from 1920 to 1950, the number of active cyclists rose sharply. (From the catalogue 1933.)

Life in the outdoors2000

Heating foil

Wrapping yourself in a heating foil makes sleeping outdoors far more comfortable, regardless of the season. The foil reflects the body’s own heat back to the sleeper. (From the catalogue 2007.)

Life in the outdoors1940

Military backpack

The practical backpack in durable cloth and with plenty of pockets gained popularity after the Second World War. (From catalogue 1945.)

Life in the outdoors1930

Fire-breathing old woman

“A push of the thumb will open her mouth so she can spew out fire.” This toy, in the shape of a fire-breathing old woman, knew how to make life fun for rascals in the 1930s. (From the catalogue 1930.)

Life in the outdoors2010


“Sit-and-die” was a scary concept in the 2010s, when we started to realize the downside to office life. The health business quickly convinced us that half an hour of walking was the cure – at home. (From catalogue 2011.)

Life in the outdoors2010

Farm animals

Plastic became mainstream in the mid-1950s – and we got farm animals. (From catalogue 2014.)

Life in the outdoors2000

Dome tent

A good tent should be easy to mount and light to carry. The dome tent fits both criteria. (From catalogue 2006.)

Life in the outdoors1920

Pocket knife

The arrival of the spring-loaded pocket knife made handling it much safer than before. (From catalogue 1928.)

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