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Never forget2000

Disposable sports camera

A robust and water-proof camera that could be used on beaches, mountains and hiking. This particular version could also handle being up to three metres under water, to a depth of three metres. (From the catalog 2003.)

Never forget1950

Reporter bag

An ideal carry-all for the professional or amateur reporter, with room for a camera, note pad and ink pen. (From the catalogue 1959.)

Never forget2010

Web camera

Before smart phones or computers with built-in cameras, the webcam revolutionized online chat rooms around the globe. The first webcam was in Cambridge, England and let you follow the adventures of a… coffee machine! It went online in 1993, making it one of the world’s first internet celebrities. (From the catalogue 2010.)

Never forget1970


The magnifier allowed the home photographer to make copies in all sizes. (From the catalogue 1978.)

Never forget2000

Polaroid camera

The Polaroid camera developed its own pictures, right after taking them. The first version appeared in 1948. (From catalogue 2002.)

Never forget1920

Paint box

A solid paint box for the oil artist of the early 1900s. The walnut box contained a colour palette, and also 12 paint tubes, six brushes and drawing charcoal.

Never forget1920

Drawing table

An ergonomic drawing table from the beginning of the 1900s that let creative people work in comfort. (From the catalogue 1926.)

Never forget1950

Film camera

The affordable and simple Kodak Brownie camera appeared in 1900. The versions that followed become “my first still camera” for many, including star photographer Slim Aarons. This film version was released in 1955 and used 8-millimetre film. The last in the series (a still photo version) came 1986. (From the catalogue 1955.)

Never forget1950

The Amateur Photographer”

In K.O. Sjöström’s book The Amateur Photographer, the reader learned about how a camera worked, how to develop and enlarge pictures, and depth-of-field tables. (From the catalogue 1951.)

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