Never forget

Never forget2010

Web camera

Before smart phones or computers with built-in cameras, the webcam revolutionized online chat rooms around the globe. The first webcam was in Cambridge, England and let you follow the adventures of a… coffee machine! It went online in 1993, making it one of the world’s first internet celebrities. (From the catalogue 2010.)

Never forget1920

Drawing table

An ergonomic drawing table from the beginning of the 1900s that let creative people work in comfort. (From the catalogue 1926.)

Never forget1990

Post-it notes

Spencer Silver, an inventor at 3M, was trying to create a new super-glue. Unfortunately, his glue never worked since it was too easy to detach. But, 10 years later, his colleague Arthur Fry wanted to solve the problem of paper notes that always fell out of his note book, and the glue surfaced. The rest is modern business history. (From the catalogue 1999.)

Never forget1960

Camera flash

The mid-1900s saw the detachable flash that you could mount on your camera. A great advantage to this was that the flash didn’t take energy from the camera but had its own battery. (From the catalogue 1966.)

Never forget1930

Rubber eraser

This eraser features 80 grams of rubber with a brush for those who want to erase quickly before the ink dries. (From the catalogue 1933.)

Never forget2000

T-shirt with photo

Even if the resolution isn’t always the best, a photo-decorated T-shirt always conveys a clear message.

Never forget1970


The magnifier allowed the home photographer to make copies in all sizes. (From the catalogue 1978.)

Never forget2000

Polaroid camera

The Polaroid camera developed its own pictures, right after taking them. The first version appeared in 1948. (From catalogue 2002.)

Never forget1950

Reporter bag

An ideal carry-all for the professional or amateur reporter, with room for a camera, note pad and ink pen. (From the catalogue 1959.)

Björn Haid

“I think Clas would have been shocked if he had known we have more stores than Åhlens”

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Paulina Kolm

“Clas Ohlson is known for smart and good products.”

Paulina Kolm delivers the product App-on-wall to Clas Ohlson.
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