Tech and entertainment

Tech and entertainment1980

Waterproof stopwatch

00.96. 00.94. 01.00! Got it! The stopwatch wasn’t just a thing to help you keep time, it was a competitive device in itself: Could you stop the clock at an exact time? (From the catalogue 1987.)

Tech and entertainment1910

“The young experimenter”

“The young experimenter” was a manual to help you build machines at minimal cost in order to understand mechanical movements and learn about heat, magnetism, electricity, sound, light, etc. All together it had blueprints for 125 machines and also included 40 colorful posters. Price 3.75 kronor.

Tech and entertainment1920

The Lumiére Cinematograph

The world’s first film show was performed by the Lumiére brothers in Paris in 1895. From the turn of the century, film projectors could be bought in Sweden at a price of about 50,000 Swedish kronor in today’s money. (From the catalogue 1928.)

Tech and entertainment1980

Audio cassettes

There was a time when it was important to have a collection of your own mix-tapes. To give someone a mix-tape you had made was a deeply personal gift. Cassettes lived on long after the CD came to market thanks to the tape players in cars. (From the catalogue 1988.)

Tech and entertainment1970


This time-typical and elegant speaker from the 1980s distributed sound 360 degrees.

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