Toys and games

Toys and games1990

Cassette player with microphone

Cassette players with sing-along microphones may be the reason so many people enter talent shows these days. This gadget gave everybody the impression they were a star. (From the catalogue 1997.)

Toys and games1940


Ludo, the game you love to play even though it drives you crazy, is an adaptation of an Indian game that dates back to 1896. (From catalogue 1941.)

Toys and games1940

Dowel wacker

Take your wooden hammer and whack that dowel down! Many kids had their first taste of how much fun carpentry can be thanks to this timeless toy. (From the catalogue 1946.)

Toys and games1940

Tin soldiers

Only five centimetres tall but a beloved toy for many children (and adults). In addition to humans and animals, there were also plenty of tin items for your doll house. (From catalogue 1948.)

Toys and games2000

Uno card game

UNO is said to be the world’s most-sold card game and has kept many families amused since the early 1970s. Despite the Italian-sounding name, it’s an American invention. (From the catalogue 2004.)

Toys and games1990


The Brit Leslie Scott presented the game Jenga at a toy fair in London as late as 1983. The word means “to build” in Swahili. (From the catalogue 1997.)

Toys and games1920

Steam engine

For decades, the hobby steam engine, a fully functional replica of a large-scale steam machine, was at the top of many Christmas wish-lists. (From the catalogue 1927.)

Toys and games1930

Russian firecrackers

Russian firecrackers, or just “Russians” as they were known, were commonly used at New Year, Easter and others celebrations. Today they are banned. (From the catalogue 1936.)

Toys and games1940

Dragon’s Lair

Either try to get so many sheep as possible across the playing field – or be the Dragon and catch them. (From catalogue 1949.)

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