Toys and games

Toys and games2000

Car track – with a loop

At the top of the Christmas wish list for many children over the years.  The loop made the car track almost too good to be true. (From catalogue 2004.)

Toys and games1960

Wheels for a soap box

The urge to build your own car starts in childhood and, for many people, never goes away. (From the catalogue 1967.)

Toys and games1950


This tin robot from 1958 came with a built-in motor and eyes that shone in the dark. The signature hum and the rolling walk is still a dear memory to many. (From the catalogue 1958.)

Toys and games1990

Cassette player with microphone

Cassette players with sing-along microphones may be the reason so many people enter talent shows these days. This gadget gave everybody the impression they were a star. (From the catalogue 1997.)

Toys and games2010

Kubb (Stickey Sticks)

Kubb – or “Stickey Sticks” as some say in English – is a lawn game that gained popularity in the mid-1990s. The game had its first world championship in 1995, organized in Rone on the Swedish island of Gotland. (From catalogue 2010.)

Toys and games1930


A version of billiards for the dining room table. Push the big ring to hit the smaller rings into a corner hole. Great for one to four people. (From the catalogue 1932.)

Toys and games2010

Walker wagon

The Walker Wagon from Brio is a classic that has helped many of us take our first steps. (From catalogue 2010.)

Toys and games1950

Magic box

Practice makes perfect. Mastering magic and sleight of hand has long been a dream for many children. (From the catalogue 1950.)

Toys and games1940

Dowel wacker

Take your wooden hammer and whack that dowel down! Many kids had their first taste of how much fun carpentry can be thanks to this timeless toy. (From the catalogue 1946.)

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