Toys and games

Toys and games1950

Magic box

Practice makes perfect. Mastering magic and sleight of hand has long been a dream for many children. (From the catalogue 1950.)

Toys and games2000

Car track – with a loop

At the top of the Christmas wish list for many children over the years.  The loop made the car track almost too good to be true. (From catalogue 2004.)

Toys and games1940

Happy Families

A card game from the 1800s with the an educational purpose. Collect four of each family. (From catalogue 1946.)

Toys and games1940


Ludo, the game you love to play even though it drives you crazy, is an adaptation of an Indian game that dates back to 1896. (From catalogue 1941.)

Toys and games1970

The slinky

In the early 1940s, engineer Richard James made a toy out of a pre-compressed helical spring: the Slinky. The product was launched to immediate success in 1945 – and in 1952 a slinky dog, using the same principle, appeared. (From the catalogue 1978.)

Toys and games1940

Dart kit

At the start of the 1900s, point areas were drawn in circles from the centre of the round target. Darts, they called it. (From THE catalogue 1944.)

Toys and games1950

Flying saucer

In the 1950s, kids used hand power to launch flying saucers into the skies. (From the catalogue 1956.)

Toys and games1990


The Brit Leslie Scott presented the game Jenga at a toy fair in London as late as 1983. The word means “to build” in Swahili. (From the catalogue 1997.)

Toys and games2000


If the dog is man’s best friend, then the Brio dachshund is many people’s first dog – and first friend. A classic at baby showers. (From the catalogue 2005.)

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