Toys and games

Toys and games1940


Its simple but ingenious construction has made the yo-yo a timeless toy. The first wave of yoyo mania swept over world in the 1930s and that’s also when the first Swedish yo-yo was manufactured. (From the catalogue 1944.)

Toys and games1990

Game watch

Hand-held computer games were a joy for both parents and children when they were launched in the early s. Nintendo’s Game & Watch-games came at about the same time and are today collectors’ items. (From the catalogue 1992.)

Toys and games1940

Dragon’s Lair

Either try to get so many sheep as possible across the playing field – or be the Dragon and catch them. (From catalogue 1949.)

Toys and games1960

Wheels for a soap box

The urge to build your own car starts in childhood and, for many people, never goes away. (From the catalogue 1967.)

Toys and games1920

Steam engine

For decades, the hobby steam engine, a fully functional replica of a large-scale steam machine, was at the top of many Christmas wish-lists. (From the catalogue 1927.)

Toys and games2000

Car track – with a loop

At the top of the Christmas wish list for many children over the years.  The loop made the car track almost too good to be true. (From catalogue 2004.)

Toys and games1990


The Brit Leslie Scott presented the game Jenga at a toy fair in London as late as 1983. The word means “to build” in Swahili. (From the catalogue 1997.)

Toys and games1950

Magic box

Practice makes perfect. Mastering magic and sleight of hand has long been a dream for many children. (From the catalogue 1950.)

Toys and games1950


This tin robot from 1958 came with a built-in motor and eyes that shone in the dark. The signature hum and the rolling walk is still a dear memory to many. (From the catalogue 1958.)

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