The people

Many profiles have left their mark in the annals of Clas Ohlson. Between founder Clas and today’s CEO Lotta have passed almost exactly 100 years. In between are all the people that have made Clas Ohlson what it is today. Meet the customers, the coworkers and the suppliers who have built Clas Ohlson over a century’s time.

The fans dressed Madrid in Clas Ohlson-colors

In 2000, a couple of gentlemen in Norrköping created The fan club quickly gained in popularity and grew to more than 10 000 members.

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Grandchildren on the cover

All of Clas Ohlson’s grand-children were featured on the catalogue covers during the 1940s and 1950s. Can you recognize Clas’ relatives?

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Inventor Henrik Falk

“Dustzero has all the chances of becoming a real best-seller.”

Dustzero allows professionals (and home improvement enthusiasts) to avoid the drill dust that results from drilling in walls.

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