The products

Starting with educational textbooks and drawings, the product catagories that Clas Ohlson offered to its customers quickly grew. Soon Clas Ohlson became everyone’s go-to-place for finding the latest and most practical ways to solve our everyday dilemmas.

A burning interest in light

From building your own lamp to becoming lighting experts. Lamps and the glow of proper lighting have been big business for Clas Ohlson for over 100 years.

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Dustzero, a smart product

Dustzero collects that infernal dust that always dirties your walls when you drill into them. A smart and convenient product that was launched in early 2018.

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Apponwall, a smart thing

Paulina Kolm has invented the concrete hook Apponwall, which Clas Ohlson includes in its special selection of “50 smart ones”. These are products that are especially easy to use and make life easier to live.

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Furdog or furmonkey?

From the 1953 catalogue: A furmonkey is pawned off as a furdog. Complete confusion ensues. Things are corrected in 1955.

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Breitling in the catalogue

The 1941 catalogue carries a product that must have been a good investment. Swiss Breitling-watches must have attracted the connaisseurs.

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Ohlsson becomes Ohlson

After 25 years of business, Claes decides to drop an s.

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Inventor Henrik Falk

“Dustzero has all the chances of becoming a real best-seller.”

Dustzero allows professionals (and home improvement enthusiasts) to avoid the drill dust that results from drilling in walls.

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